Versiones 1.2


22 de octubre de 2023
  • Added a setting to make name-based puzzles pseudo-random instead of using Felix's name
  • Added a setting to lock name-based puzzles to the name "Felix"
    • This setting is enabled in the Official Race Ruleset preset
  • Added a setting to manually trigger Retreat glitch by holding SELECT during confirmation
  • Added an option to the Shuffle Class Psynergy setting for randomising by group while also preferring the class elements
  • Updated cutscene skip to include the Large Bread events and the long cutscene in the Alhafra jail
  • Updated the look of the website somewhat
  • Fixed an issue with the Gabomba Statue puzzle where Kraden would disappear after specific wrong solutions
  • Fixed an issue where the Idejima NPCs were causing visual corruption when playing without cutscene skip


15 de julio de 2023
  • Rewrote map code compression, bringing randomisation times close to what they were in v1.1
  • Fixed Char not always showing the randomised Djinni's sprite


1 de julio de 2023
  • Added quality of life setting that reduces boss stats
    • This setting is now enabled in the Easy and Official Race Ruleset presets
  • Changed randomisation parameters, reducing location weight falloff to alleviate v1.2 logic feeling bad
  • Changed Sunshine's dialogue to be more obvious when you have no forgable items
  • Changed item data shuffling so rings/boots/shirts have +5 Defense if they are assigned no stats/effects
  • Fixed bug with Djinn battle sorting where tier 1 Venus Djinn (0-3 total Djinn) were too strong


25 de enero de 2023
Randomiser changes
  • Added major/minor item split to the item shuffle options, see Settings Info for more information
  • Added help NPCs to Idejima that explain randomiser changes and settings
  • Added an NPC to the Gabomba puzzle to check the solution, and removed the automatic timer
  • Changed Sunshine's forge so you don't need to leave Yallam to get the item
  • Changed half-buried items to no longer count as hidden (this affects Taopo, Yampi Desert Cave, Loho and Prox)
  • Changed randomisation parameters:
    • The randomiser now favours deeper spheres a bit more, which encourages following logic chains
    • Key items are less likely to be found in empty chests so Treasure Isle is less OP
    • Certain Psynergy are no longer forced to be found early when starting with the ship, for more varied early-game logic
  • Improved the cutscene skip setting so most cutscenes are actually skipped instead of sped up
  • Removed the Update option from the main menu to prevent password issues
Website changes
  • Added a dark theme to the website (which is a work in progress until I'm happy with the colours)
  • Added different languages to the website: German, French and Spanish
  • Renamed the setting that removes utility Psynergy from classes to avoid confusion
  • Fixed bug when fetching the spoiler log with a ROM already selected during randomisation
  • Various minor text changes
Note: With this update, randomisation times have increased due to map code compression. Generating a seed may take up to 15 seconds depending on settings and server load.

Versiones 1.1


17 de mayo de 2022
  • Added a setting for switching off the previously innate Avoid changes
  • Added a setting for enabling Hard Mode without a cleared save
  • Added a setting that halves the battle encounter rate
  • Updated the settings for the Chaos prefix (no longer requires glitches)
  • Fixed spoiler log to make vanilla empty chests show as empty if an item has been injected there by the randomiser
  • Removed the password input prompt to prevent password-related issues
  • Due to passwords being removed, the golden items are now included in the unobtainable items setting


3 de diciembre de 2021
  • Added the Islet Cave OOB glitch to the Easy OOB Skips setting
  • Added a setting for cheaper or fixed sanctum revival costs
  • Added a setting for shuffling weapon attack and armour defense
  • Added a setting for disabling curses on equipment
  • Fixed the Vanilla boat setting being incorrect
  • Fixed hint NPCs not liking the number 6 and freaking out about it
  • Fixed certain text lines being loaded incorrectly by the server and glitching out


13 de noviembre de 2021
  • Added the option to create race seeds, which have permalinks and hidden spoiler logs
  • Added the ability to set post-randomisation options and moved auto-run there
  • Changed summon cost randomisation to ensure that all 1-cost summons have a unique element
  • Fixed the Djinn option not appearing in combat under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a concurrency bug that sometimes caused incomplete spoiler logs to be sent
  • Updated the website with some minor changes to improve our search engine score


7 de noviembre de 2021
  • Added advanced equipment shuffling (adds shop artifacts and forge results into the pool)
  • Added settings for enemy elemental resistance shuffling and randomisation
  • Added a changelog page to the website (this one!)
  • Expanded the spoiler log with character stats, class stats, and shop/forge items
  • Reworked the randomisation web page so settings are behind tabs and more compact
  • Reverted previous randomiser changes to Retreat points, meaning Retreat from interior dungeons works like vanilla again
  • Fixed djinn distribution not capping out at 9 Djinn per character
  • Fixed a minor logic issue in Gaia Rock

Versiones 1.0


24 de mayo de 2021
  • Fixed a logic issue with basic skips enabled in Shrine of the Sea God
  • Fixed defense boosts on rings, boots and shirts not being shuffled


18 de mayo de 2021
  • Added a setting to include unobtainable equipment (some shirts, boots and rings) in the item pool
  • Added a new preset to the website: Official Race Ruleset
  • Changed the way class stats are generated so they increase linearly within a class line
  • Changed the way equipment is sorted so it takes adjusted stats into consideration
  • Made Lucky Medals renewable by having the Phoenix enemy line drop them


8 de mayo de 2021
  • Added more variety to what empty chests can get changed into when items are displayed outside chests (Herbs, Elixirs, etc. instead of everything being Game Tickets)
  • In addition, Mimics will now get changed to whatever their loot drop is
  • Changed the spoiler log to show if an item was originally a Mimic or an empty chest
  • Changed how critical/unleash modifiers are displayed in the item details window so it shows the exact boost
  • Fixed Mimics and empty chests appearing in certain locations where they would cause issues
  • Fixed attack modifiers from secondary armour effects not being shuffled
  • Fixed movesets for some Djinni fights when using Djinni scaling, early-game fights should be better now
  • Fixed the Patch ROM button not working in Firefox


4 de mayo de 2021
  • Fixed fatal randomiser crash when trying to sort equipment with a vanilla item shuffle
  • Fixed equipment, mimic and summon tablet sorting not working correctly in some locations
  • Fixed logic issue where the hidden item in Moapa's basement did not require the Shaman's Rod


25 de abril de 2021
  • Fixed Djinn scaling being incorrect, causing strange difficulty spikes


21 de abril de 2021
  • Removed MegaROMs warning as it does not seem to cause issues
  • Fixed Healing Fungus hint message not being shown
  • Fixed summon tablet locations not being replaced with chests for non-summon, non-Psynergy items