General Tips

  • Hold L + Start while loading your game to return to the sanctum of the last visited town or city, a.k.a. sanctum warping. This can be used in case you are stuck.
  • Retreat can be used in all areas, including towns. This can cause you to become stuck in some situations. Sanctum warping will be your way out.

  • Retreat can be used on the world map, where it will act like Teleport. This allows it to be used with less than 6 PP, despite what the Psynergy menu might say.
  • When using Teleport, selecting your current location or your boat will instead take you to the beach west of Madra.

  • If the toggleable Avoid setting is on, Avoid will prevent encounters regardless of level and remains active until used again.
  • Utility Psynergy will go to the leftmost party member. Once a character has learned 15 utility Psynergy, they will be skipped over and the Psynergy goes to the next party member.
  • Characters are limited to having 9 Djinn each. If there is no more space in the current party, Djinn will be sent to a party member that hasn't joined yet.

  • When in doubt, don't hesitate to check the spoiler log. Please report unsolvable seeds so they can be fixed quickly.

Easily Missable Locations

This is a list of locations that tend to be missed and/or overlooked by players. If you would like to see a location added to this list, swing by the Discord server and let us know your suggestion.

  • Ankohl Ruins, in the room with the 7 faces, there are several items behind them
  • The chest in the Yampi Desert Cave entrance, before the Teleport platform
  • The chest in the magma section of Taopo Swamp
  • The chest and the summon tablet in the cave below Izumo
  • The chest hidden by the weeds in Gondowan Settlement, near Magma Rock
  • The chest at the entrance to Mars Lighthouse, up the ladder and towards the elevators
  • The chest outside the Mars wing in upper Mars Lighthouse, just off-screen