Item Shuffle

Vanilla — Items are not randomised
Key Items Only — Important items, psynergy and summon tablets are randomised
All Chests & Tablets — All items except hidden items are randomised
All Items — All items are randomised

Major/Minor — This modifier makes it so the item pool is split into two. One item pool contains all Psynergy, summons, forgeables, key items and equipment (GS1 equipment included, adding 2 locations in Treasure Isle.) The other item pool contains the rest of the items. Items are only swapped within the same pool. This limits the number of important locations to check, providing an experience closer to Key Items Only while still randomising the rest of the items.

Class Psynergy

Vanilla — Psynergy is not randomised
By classline — Learned Psynergy is shuffled by classlines (e.g. Squire will have Brute Psynergy)
By Psynergy group — Learned Psynergy is shuffled by Psynergy groups (e.g. if a class learns Spire, it will also learn Clay Spire)
By Psynergy element — Learned Psynergy is freely shuffled with another Psynergy of the same element
Randomise fully — Learned Psynergy is freely shuffled without restrictions

Lemurian Ship

Vanilla — The ship is unlocked as usual, by clearing Gabomba and using the Black Crystal to open the door
Ship door unlocked — The door of the ship is unlocked, bypassing the need for Gabomba and the Black Crystal
Available from start — The ship is available immediately (Lemuria or Atteka Inlet need to be reached to enter the ship)

Adjusting / Scaling

Settings that "adjust" a value will multiply the vanilla value by a random modifier. Below is a list of the modifiers for each value.

Equipment stats — Between 50% and 150%, also scales prices slightly
Equipment prices — Between 80% and 120%
Djinni attack power — Between 80% and 120%
Summon power — Between 80% and 120%
Psynergy levels — Between 50% and 150%, can learn Psynergy out of order (e.g. Pure Ply before Ply Well)
Psynergy power — Between 80% and 120%
Psynergy cost — Between 60% and 140%
Character stats — Between 50% and 150% at level 1, between 75% and 125% at level 99

Skips and Glitches

Basic glitches/skips

These skips are in logic through the "Require basic glitches/skips" setting:

  • Kibombo sanctum warp
  • Tundaria Tower move pillar wiggle (skips Pound)
  • Shaman Village retreat warps for Aroma
  • Mars Lighthouse dumb (flamethrower) skips
  • Mars Lighthouse Venus wing skip

Easy OOB skips

These skips are in logic through the "Require easy OOB skips" setting:

  • Shrine of the Sea God OOB
  • Reverse Yampi Desert
  • Islet Cave OOB (Video)

Hard OOB skips

These skips are in logic through the "Require hard OOB skips" setting:

  • Gondowan Cliffs OOB
  • Lemurian Ship OOB (both to Aqua Hydra and the lower floor)

Gaia Rock maze

The maze in Gaia Rock interior is one of the puzzles that is randomised based on Felix's name. The "Gaia Rock maze w/o Growth" setting assumes that you know the maze solution for whatever you name Felix as. This means the 2 chests, as well as Serpent, are in logic without requiring Growth to pass through the maze.

Boss Logic

The randomiser will not require you to fight bosses while severely underpowered. This means that each boss has a certain Djinn requirement before being in logic. (Note that this considers the amount of Djinn in logic, not the amount of Djinn in the player's possession.)

The Djinn requirements for bosses to be in logic can be disabled with the "Disable boss logic" setting. Serpent will still require at least 3 lights to be turned on, regardless of this setting.

Chestbeaters — 0
King Scorpion — 3
Briggs — 6
Aqua Hydra — 10
Serpent — 16 (4 lights) / 24 (3 lights)
Avimander — 20
Poseidon — 24

Moapa — 28
Flame Dragons — 48
Doom Dragon — 56
Star Magician — 64
Sentinel — 64
Valukar — 64
Dullahan — 72

Item Hints

The randomiser has a hint system where certain NPCs give hints about the locations of key items or the number of key items in certain dungeons. The chances of the different hint types are as follows:

  • 50% – Random key item location
  • 25% – Number of key items in dungeon
  • 25% – Whether a location has a key item or not

Below is a table of the different hint NPCs and the locations they will give hints for.

Region NPC Dungeon Single location
Indra Master Poi Gaia Rock Shrine of the Sea God, Prong
Osenia Master Maha Air's Rock Air's Rock, Reveal tablet
Gondowan Akafubu Magma Rock Gabomba Catacombs, Tomegathericon
Eastern Sea King Hydros Aqua Rock Champa, Trident
Western Sea Corn Seller Jupiter Lighthouse Atteka Cave, Coatlicue tablet
Northern Reaches Prox Elder Mars Lighthouse Mars Lighthouse, Mars Star